Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway

A successful organization requires reliable and clear communication with clients. Nevertheless , the most common customer portals offer little to no security protection, rendering it easy for cyber-terrorist to intercept data during transmission and access not authorized files.

A true secure data file copy solution gives end-to-end encryption to protect the integrity of sensitive data, ensuring no-one else can decrypt or intercept transmitted files. The very best secure data file transfer solutions as well require good authentication techniques to verify the identity of users.

Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG) is a professional security services for business email-based and files that uses the potency of Microsoft Exchange to provide industry-leading email and record security services. SXG scans sales messages and attachments, identifying significant information and inappropriate content material based on easily defined policy-based rules. It prevents very sensitive or private information from forcing the organization, and it picks up malware, suspicious scripts and also other threats to hold the entire messaging system safe.

In addition , SXG’s advanced reliability features incorporate message encryption and decryption, and digital signatures. Employing software registered from Give Technologies and RSA Data Security, SXG divides the safety workload between client and server. SXG’s client functions all encryption and decryption, while the SXG server applies digital signatures and manages the allocation and revocation of security records. Ultimately, the SXG’s digital license architecture delivers non-repudiation and verifies a specific person sent a communication or doc. It also ensures that the message or report has not been interfered with during delivery, and this it is the same version that was formerly sent.

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